Our new web site was launched on 1st September 2014 but this one is still running until October to help assist our clients with a smooth change over. You can visit our new look site on www.thedoghut.biz

As part of our continuing self evaluation and dedication to our clients we have listened to your feedback about or web site, and services. We are modifying our new site to bring together our up to date service changes.Thank you, come back and have another look at us soon. Dean & Sara Hart.

Please note that our old telephone number has been changed to a freephone number to help save our clients money when they call us. Our new number is 0800 999 2066 and if free from a land line this replaces the old 333 number.

Daisy waits patiently for a treat during class.One of Dean's students gets to grip with clicker training by practicing on Dolly the Donkey at Raystede Animall Welfare Centre. If you are serious about getting the best tuition - then come and join us. 
Sara Hart, College owner offers high standards of teaching in both practical and theory units.  If you are serious about achieving high standards -  then come and join us. 

We are a small, quality Independent Teaching College specialising in the delivery of exceptional UK accredited canine related courses through our experienced Tutors. Courses are produced by lecturers packed with information and skills training for the student. 

Not just learning on the job but learning the theory to underpin practical skills. 

We offer some of the highest standards of teaching in canine studies in the UK and cannot be beaten on our care, dedication and support to our students. This is reflected in the number of units and high grades achieved by all of our  students. 

We specialise in teaching mature students who want to set up their own business or achieve a change of career and we are the only UK Canine Studies college that offers total flexibility in our course timetables.

Our Mission Statement

* To ensure we focus on providing high quality training and education to our learners to meet employers’ and the individual's needs.
* To help support the economy by supporting individuals to learn new skills and knowledge that enhance their job prospects, enrich their lives, and enliven their communities. 

* To support our students on finding different routes into further (FE) and higher education (HE) 

* To help learners, through delivering a high standards of education and support, to make a successful transition into work or develop their own successful business. 

* Provide skills training for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, by ensuring we can offer the right support  to meet the needs of these learners to support them to access mainstream employment. 

* Ensure Animal Welfare and working within the Five Freedoms remains a priority within in all our activities.